Bob Spector


Open the new video at and copy the URL and leave this tab open. Control+Click and open a new tab. Paste the Vimeo URL in the field and click Get Thumbnail. Scroll down and click Download Thumbnail. Login to your site . In the Dashboard, click on Posts > All Posts. From the All Categories pull-down menu, select Recent Work and click Filter. Mouse-over the first post listed, click on Duplicate This. Open the Post – Draft. If the Edit window is in Visual mode , click the Text tab . Go back to the Vimeo tab and copy the name of the file. Back to the Edit Page, click Edit on the Permalink line , paste the filename, click OK. Click Edit again, replace “-” with ” ” (space), Select All and Copy filename without spaces. Replace text in 3 spots located here. Control + click Media > Add New to open in a new tab. Drag the thumbnail file you downloaded into Drop Files Here field. Click Edit and paste the filename in the Title field. Copy the new filename. Paste and replace the filename in the Edit Post field. Click Publish/Update. Fini.